.homepage-blocks footer .news-button {display:none} "Minor" means a person of either sex under 18 years of age. The Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Amendment Act, 2016. Basic Conditions of Employment Act (75 of 1997), as amended: Section 43(1) provides that no person may employ a child under the age of 15 years or who is under the … NIOSH Report on the Operation of Power-Driven Patient/Resident Hoist/lifts by 16-and 17-Year-Olds. THE CHILD LABOUR (PROHIBITION AND REGULATION) AMENDMENT ACT, 2016.pdf. The article on the Keating-Owen Child Labor Act provides detailed facts and a summary of one of the important progressive reforms and federal laws passed during his presidential term in office. Workers who are independent contractors under the Fair Labor Standards Act ... the additional ten weeks of expanded family and medical leave under the Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act for leave to care for your child whose school or place of care is closed, or child care provider is unavailable, due to COVID-19 related reasons. State and Federal Laws that Impact Labor Exchange. [CDATA[/* >