Just silly amounts. Join Community. Gogeta (ゴジータ GojÄ«ta) appears in Dragon Ball AF, even reaching Super Saiyan 5. Super Gogeta. The leftmost enemy is always the strongest, go after the other ones first. A rainbowed, full eza Gogeta? So out of curiosity, normally how regularly do they make the Z Battles available? Jealous, he's an amazing card in every category he's in. Got 28 tickets and my one wish was for new things, which was granted. Extreme Z Awakening ... Cards Links Items Quests Events Summons Tournaments Potential Battlefield Missions … He's weak to Movie Bosses but a powerful enough EXT AGL team should take him down to level 30 if you lack Turles. 0. I'm Bobbin Threadbare, are you my mother. 5300. Dokfan Battle Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. 20 or higher: x2 Win the Extreme Z-Battle at Lv. gogeta halo gogeta hidden potential gogeta int gogeta is born gogeta in dragon ball super gogeta in new movie ... gogeta base form gogeta and vegito gogeta and vegito fusion gogeta and gotenks gogeta action figure ... gogeta eza gogeta event gogeta earrings gogeta episode gogeta extreme z awakening gogeta y vegetto Dokkaned LR SS4 Vegeta, SSBE Vegeta, Vegeta Jr, I Hate King Vegeta, and now I'm working on LR Son of Vegeta followed by Future Son of Vegeta. I'm between TEQ Cell and INT Janemba Leaning toward Janemba because he could help me try to finish this damn Gogeta EZA, and my PHY LR Gogeta could probably wipe the floor with Janemba Z-Battle. 26 comments. His DNA was used along with his potara counterpart vegito to create Bowen. I do the same on most rainbow units except str gogeta and it is so worth it on that rare time when they gets 2 supers off and both are crits lol. More free stuff, including 30 anniversary tickets? Anything good come from them? Pulled out: Not sure who I want to use this red stone on. That said if you have someone who seals super attacks have them hit the main person instead. 2080. Elated Spirit; ATK & DEF +40%; plus an additional ATK & DEF +10% when there is a 'Goku's Family' Category ally on the team; plus an additional ATK & DEF +10% when there is a 'Vegeta's Family' Category ally on the team; attacks effective against all Types when there is … 70% chance of evading and countering enemy's Super Attack, Breaking Through and Standing Strong SSGSS Vegito (Kaioken). Kinda fell off when fire emblem came out and had done all the summoning I was going to do on the ssj4 banners. I got a phy ssj Goku, another INT turles, and my umpteenth AGL Rose, Also speaking of LR Gogeta, I need to go through the rigamarole of Awakening my dupe and reversing the LR so I can actually use it, I have Dokkan Awakened 3 copies of the Goku Black LR AND the INT Goku & Vegeta, Okay, went through and looked at the list of units I can get with the stone that I don't have. While Fusion has much more powerful leaders (e.g Transcendent Fusion - Super Saiyan Gogeta S.AGL ), this Gogeta is a fantastic Fusion leader for new and F2P players. Gogeta's new traits in Broly were a result of Akira Toriyama's attempt at adding him into the \"Dragon Ball canon\". Or INT Gogeta at 90% hidden potential? I already have Str Gogeta. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Standouts are: Teq Perfect Cell, Int Janemba, Str Broly, Teq Beerus. Unless you're supposed to burn all your items in round one or some other strategy I don't understand... You definitely don’t want to burn all your items the first round, I really try to stick to not using more than two items per stage on the type stages, category stages are a bit more at your discretion since there are only 3 fights and they’re all way harder. I always save Whis items for stages with the most enemies, I don’t recommend it unless you need the health as well but Whis + Android 8 will make your incoming damage minimal. save. Need to check my Hidden Potential unlocks for all of them, but I'm leaning toward TEQ Cell or FP Freiza. 2.9k. Counterattacks can be critical hits from the Hidden Potential ↑ Raises SA Multiplier and DEF by 50% for 1 turn ↑ 70% chance of evading and countering enemy's Super Attack I made a few pulls on the LR banner with nothing to show for it. "Fusion" Category Ki +1 and HP, ATK & DEF +30%: Kamehameha: Causes supreme damage to enemy: Elated Spirit: ATK & DEF +40%; plus an additional ATK & DEF +10% when there is a "Goku's Family" Category ally on the team; plus an additional ATK & … Gogeta ssj4 dokkan battle leader skill. 2.6k. 58. God I have so many Elder Kais now. Teq Cell would be nice for Android team too. 10 or higher: x1 Win the Extreme Z-Battle within 3 minutes at Lv. SBR is all about damage mitigation and luck, I’ve found this guide really handy. 0. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle:FINAL TRUMP CARD (LAST RESORT) CATEGORY TEAM WITH INT SUPER SAIYAN 4 GOGETA!Hidden Potential of units (all with level 10 links):INT Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta 79%PHY Vegito Blue [EZA] 100%LR TEQ Vegito Blue 79%LR STR Gogeta Blue 79%LR STR Super Vegito 79%AGL Gogeta Blue 90%💡 Recommended Videos 💡⭐️ KAMEHAMEHA CATEGORY TEAM WITH INT SSJ4 GOGETA … While it was probably not the smortest use of purple orbs, I rainbows that freebie Spirit Bomb GT Goku and he's actually been putting in some real work. He battles his evil clone and sometimes he even is the hero of the day. With the login tickets I had like 166, best things I got were another dupe for AGL Transforming Goku and my first copy of Lord Slug which should be helpful for that new SBR stage. All units in this showcase are 100% in the potential system with level 10 links. Hidden Potential of units: PHY LR Gogeta 90% STR LR Gogeta Blue 79% INT SSJ4 Gogeta 79% INT Super Gogeta [EZA] 100% AGL Gogeta Blue 90% INT Gotenks & Ghost... FUSION TEAM WITH INT SSJ4 GOGETA & INT EZA GOGETA SHOWCASE! so if gogeta is 150 and vegito is 200, then vegitos ceiling will be higher than gogetas. Don't mind if I do! LR Vegito Blue hidden potential? - 4 STR Funky Kais - 1,968 Incredible Gems to buy more Kais - Decent amount of Orbs for Hidden Potential As such, please continue below for some important bullet points regarding this account: LR: 42 Units, 16 of them Rainbowed, Only 3 Units Missing (Cell/Bardock/Baby) EZA: 35 Units, 31 of them Rainbowed They bring old ones back when a new unit is added to an existing event. Xeno Gogeta's appearance is identical to his main counterpart's. Counterattacks can be critical hits from the Hidden Potential system; they can also activate after evading Counterattacks will not activate if the character is stunned by the enemy ↑ Raises SA multiplier by 50% for 5 turns The item recommendations on that image I linked are all good, my go to lately has been Whis, Ghost Usher, Android 8, and Princess Snake. share. We already have the PHY TUR getting his EZA on global at some point after the 7 unit batch EZA, TEQ VB has been around for almost 3 years, and the LR STR one while awesome is also getting on in the years and Broly movie Gogeta has no standalone SSB units at all. Gonna save up for LR Kale & Caulifla, the only unit that matters (to me). All the gogeta discussions are about double attack or critical. Really need some good pulls soon! report. They seem to almost always have at least one running, more during events. Gogeta hidden potential: Super attack or type boost. Thanks to his EZA, Gogeta becomes the third F2P Fusion category leader with a Leader Skill that provides +3 Ki and a 77% Buff to ATK, HP, & DEF to all Fusion category allies. 4861. But, glancing at it now...the teams I tried a few random stages with were 90% the same as the ones suggested. >>537042720 I make the "math" on the assumption that if one is stronger than the other then the Grand Kai would have told goku to use that one against buu. How many tickets did y'all get? Base Gogeta vs Ssj3 Gotenks - Page 3. I'm unsure how I'd survive even if I swapped the 1-2 different units around. Feels kind of silly to have new LRs of characters, even versions of characters, that already have LRs. Int Janemba is apparently really good now with his EZA but I just got Str Janemba who is almost as good. 20 or higher with a character from the "Movie Bosses" Category on your team: x1 Obviously you can still do it using Movie Bosses with PHY Broly as lead but he's gonna get smacked super hard by level 30, you can also run it using LR Metal Cooler Army as leader but you're also running it with 80% less stats. Well I got the answer for that (11 crit, 15 double attack, for those wondering), and hidden potential guides explain super attack and offense boost. I already have every character I can get with the red stone, so for me it's more about who I want a dupe for. gogeta halo gogeta hidden potential gogeta int gogeta is born gogeta in dragon ball super gogeta in new movie ... gogeta base form gogeta and vegito gogeta and vegito fusion gogeta and gotenks gogeta action figure ... gogeta eza gogeta event gogeta earrings gogeta episode gogeta extreme z awakening gogeta y vegetto 546 Anime Fans. ssr 12247. I threw in another 50 stones to the SS4 Vegeta banner just because it's a Dokkan banner and almost all the featured units would be good, and new. The STR one is stronger with no dupes than a fully duped INT Gogeta That's insane if this is true. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: EXTREME STR TRANSFORMATION BOOST & CONQUEST OF TERROR ONLY VS LEGENDARY GOKU EVENT IN 8 MIN & 8 TURNS [Legendary Goku Event] [Fighting Legend: Goku] [熱闘悟空伝] Hidden potential of units (All level 10 links) STR Cooler 79% LR Frieza 1st form [EZA] 100% LR Turles Army 55% LR Full Power Frieza 69% STR Sealas 100% STR … 1/120: ... EZA. Missions Win the Extreme Z-Battle within 2 minutes at Lv. The only differences are the addition of a black sleeveless shirt covering his torso and black pants, as well as the padding around the neck and shoulders of the vest being yellow as opposed to his original's reddish orange.As a Super Saiyan 4, Xeno Gogeta's skin is tanner than it was in the Shadow Dragon Saga, with slightly lighter hair, dark magenta fur, and a sash and p… 300m Downloads campaign started. Gilaad wrote: Try any of the following teams STR Leader: Goku SSJ4 Gogeta Trunks SSJ GT Gotenks SSJ Gotenks Omega Shenron/Goten SSJ Friend: Goku SSJ4 Goku (孫そん悟ご空くう Son GokÅ«), born Kakarot (カカロット Kakarotto, lit. Other than that, tank like you want to live. So who hits harder? I've just been logging in to do the daily missions and grind a few levels closer to 100 on the Shadow Dragon EZA. Hopped back on and did the daily missions this morning and nabbed a LR teq broly with one of my summon tickets. Yet I did no damage and died immediately. ► Counterattacks can be critical hits from the Hidden Potential, fr:Radiance inégalée - Gogeta Super Saiyan 4. https://db-dokfanbattle.fandom.com/wiki/SSJ4_EZA?oldid=161520, Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, ATK +120%; Extreme Class enemies' ATK & DEF -20%; high chance. hide. ... Fenyo with the God tier Halloween Gogeta Art. I'll keep that handy and take a look again later, thanks. Hidden Potential This unit does have pretty low base stats, but it does get a full 5000 boost from the Potential System; it’s important to invest at least some AGL orbs into SS3 Bardock to … Posted by 7 days ago.

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